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Exploring human animal connection
free february WEBINARs 2023
stay curious two part series
with hosts Anita Vallala
and Annette Hadaway

Have you ever wondered why children seem to have an easy connection with animals?

We invite children and adults to learn more about this extraordinary relationship by participating in this two part webinar series where you are invited to communicate with animals LIVE.

RSVP: Anita Vallala

Date: February 05, 2023

Theme: ACCEPTANCE AND EQUALITY – Let us ask the animals why they believe children welcome them with unconditional ACCEPTANCE AND EQUALITY

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Date: February 12, 2023

Theme: BEING IN PRESENT – Let us ask the animals why children easily connect with them.

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Meeting ID: 816 6633 0039

Passcode: 671899

Annette Hadaway currently travels the world full time teaching animal and nature communication to children and adults. Annette’s passion is teaching humans who lack wi-fi/computers to communicate with the wildlife around them. Annette completed four years of Animal Communication Certification and three years of Nature Communication with Dr. Maia Kincaid. Annette is also an advanced Elephant Footcare student of Carol Buckley at Elephant Aid International. Annette co founded Elephant Hour, a weekly animal communication class talking with elephants around the world living in the wild and in captivity. Annette co authored, The Elephant And Children’s Land Story, a trilogy introducing children to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. As a youth of the Pacific Northwest in the United States, Annette’s grandparents encouraged nature adventure. With easy access to the natural world, solo hiking, leading hikes for others along with solo adventure travel led Annette to visit Nepal where she was awakened to the plight of the captive elephant and ultimately, animal and nature communication. Annette has been visiting Nepal since 2014 staying two to three months at a time – In 2021/22 Annette lived in the Chitwan district for seven months.

Anita Vallala is a certified Nature & Animal Communicator from India. She studied at the Animal Communication School, Sedona AZ, helmed by Dr. Maia Kincaid. She is a certified Pranic Healer & Arhatic Yoga practitioner. She is the founder of Embracing Miracles, an academy that focuses on creating awareness & guide people to reconnect with their instinctive ability to communicate with Mother Nature & all her beautiful beings of nature. Along with that, she also facilitates workshops on divination tools such as Tarot & Sigil Magick. 

She works with children and adults to help them understand that communication with nature is as easy as breathing. Her dream is to see the conscious synergy between humans and Mother Nature where humans realize that this world is for every being without any biases and exceptions. Through her workshops, she has experienced children being the beacon of hope for this conscious synergy. With that vision in her mind, she along with other nature & animal communication teachers from across the globe facilitate engaging & interactive workshops for children as well as for adults.  

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