Children’s anc

Children’s ANC was born with direction from the elephant collective. After receiving certification from Dr Maia Kincaid, I felt the calling to teach animal and nature communication – this ability we all have within us. 

When collaborating with elephants about teaching around the globe I asked the question, How long do I need to stay in each location? The elephants encouraged me to stay in a location for a two to three week period with specific instructions not to separate children from the adults while teaching – Once I’ve departed the children will continue to teach the adults.

After this guidance opportunities to teach children on a global level started to show up. I co-authored a children’s book, the first in a trilogy, held children’s animal communication workshops, children’s animal communication classes, and invited children to Elephant Hour. Ravee, a captive elephant in Sri Lanka, and Renaldo, a wild elephant in Nepal guided us to a five hour learning program for children and adults.

In 2023 the elephant collective in Nepal invited us to host The Children’s Animal And Nature Communication Jungle Academy in Nepal. This experience will guide children and their parents/guardians to learn animal and nature communication on a deeper level while experiencing the jungle of Nepal.