About Annette

A native of Oregon in the United States I started hiking in my youth with my grandparents who encouraged nature adventure. The Pacific Northwest in the United States where I grew up gifted me opportunities of easy access to the natural world. Solo hiking, leading hikes for others along with solo travel led me to visit Nepal where I was awakened to the plight of the captive elephant then ultimately, animal and nature communication.

With over 35 years of customer service – Accompanying my years of hiking, camping and backpacking, while volunteering for the United States Forest Service as a Wilderness Steward has brought me to this work. 

In 2016 I started my elephant footcare internship with Carol Buckley, founder of Elephant Aid International. In November 2019, I became an advanced student of the program. Elephant footcare and telepathic communication go hand in hand or hand to foot. Ha!

In January 2021 I started my fourth year with the Sedona International School for Animal and Nature Communication taught by Dr. Maia Kincaid. The last two years I’ve concentrated on mastering my skills with the intention to teach telepathic animal and nature communication to communities around the world – By having conscious conversations with wildlife living around these communities we hear this will change human wildlife conflict to coexistence.

Working with humans and animals in nature is my joy.


Animal and Nature Connect dedicates our work to all the captive elephants in the
world in the name of Packy the elephant.

Photo Credits:
Annette Hadaway, Jeffrey Horvitz
Annette Hadaway, Interning with Carol Buckley – Elephant Aid International Nepal 2018
Annette Hadaway, Interning with Carol Buckley – Elephant Aid International Nepal 2019
Video – Elephant Footcare January 2020 Sauraha Nepal Remote Instruction Between Elephant Refuge North America and Nepal
Packy, Free the Oregon Zoo Elephants