Mission: To bring all animals their voice, which we believe will bring all human beings our heart-centered voice too. We believe the love and wisdom of animals and nature can transform our world assisting we humans in living in harmony, and peace, celebrating life, and cherishing all beings of life. We are on a precipice to a whole new world!

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About Annette

A native of Oregon in the United States I started hiking in my youth with my grandparents who encouraged nature adventure. The Pacific Northwest in the United States where I grew up gifted me opportunities of easy access to the natural world. Solo hiking, leading hikes for others along with solo travel led me to visit Nepal where I was awakened to the plight of the captive elephant then ultimately, animal and nature communication.

With over 35 years of customer service – Accompanying my years of hiking, camping and backpacking, while volunteering for the United States Forest Service as a Wilderness Steward has brought me to this work. 

In 2016 I started my elephant footcare internship with Carol Buckley, founder of Elephant Aid International. In November 2019, I became an advanced student of the program. Elephant footcare and telepathic communication go hand in hand or hand to foot. Ha!

In January 2021 I started my fourth year with the Sedona International School for Animal and Nature Communication taught by Dr. Maia Kincaid. The last two years I’ve concentrated on mastering my skills with the intention to teach telepathic animal and nature communication to communities around the world – By having conscious conversations with wildlife living around these communities we hear this will change human wildlife conflict to coexistence.

Working with humans and animals in nature is my joy.

Animal and Nature Connect dedicates our work to all the captive elephants in the
world in the name of Packy the elephant.

Photo Credits:
Annette Hadaway, Jeffrey Horvitz
Annette Hadaway, Interning with Carol Buckley – Elephant Aid International Nepal 2018
Annette Hadaway, Interning with Carol Buckley – Elephant Aid International Nepal 2019
Video – Elephant Footcare January 2020 Sauraha Nepal Remote Instruction Between Elephant Refuge North America and Nepal
Packy, Free the Oregon Zoo Elephants

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Quarter hour appointment via teleconference: $75
Half hour appointment via teleconference: $165
One hour appointment via teleconference: $320

Ask about our Mini Workshops available for groups learning animal and nature communication! Contact us for more information.

Global Forestry Officials: We offer the ability to have conscious conversations with the wildlife around you – We offer workshops for you and your colleagues teaching animal and nature communication. We are experienced in partnering with translators if someone in your group does not speak English. Contact us for more information.

Sanctuary Owners: Contact us to inquire about communication time gifted to sanctuary owners.

Agriculture: We are exploring new ways to teach nature communication to assist global communities in the area of agriculture. Please contact us for more information.
Animal and Nature Communication is just that, it is communication with an animal or BEING OF nature that happens telepathically without the need to be there in person  –  It works similar to using a telephone, but in this case no phone, no technology is needed, just the amazing instrument of communication, which is the human heart, mind, body, and spirit in action!

Can you imagine being able to directly ask animals: Are you happy? Are you in pain? What is causing the pain? How can I make you most comfortable? Do you know how much I love you? Do you love your life? Do you have any requests for me? Do you want another animal as a companion? Where do you hurt? How does it feel? What makes it feel better? What makes it feel worse? Do you feel fully nourished? Is there anything I can do to make your life better? Why are you behaving this way? Will you stop? Will you tell me about your past? Is there anything that would make your life more fun and fulfilling? Is there anything I can do to have you feeling healthier and more vibrant? Is there anything you would love to say to me? Is there anything you would like me to know?

The most common questions we ask pets in animal communication consultations: 
Why do you have this new (unacceptable) behavior?
Are you trying to tell me something?
Is there something you want?
Is there anything upsetting you?
Are you willing to change or to stop the behavior?
If so, how can I support you in stopping the behavior?
What would have us living joyfully and harmoniously?
How are you feeling?
Are you in pain? If so, where do you hurt and how can I help you? What is the pain like? Is it constant?
How may I enhance your wellbeing?
Do you like your food?
Are you lacking any nutrients in your diet?
Do you feel fully nourished?
Are you sensitive or allergic to anything that you are eating?
How is your digestion? Your circulation? Your other bodily processes?
Do you like the activities we do?
Is there something else you would rather do?
Are you happy on your own or do you want a companion? If so, do you want a companion of

your species or another species?
Do you like my new boyfriend/girlfriend? Do they treat you well?
Do you feel stressed, frustrated, or bored?
How is it for you when I travel or when I am super busy with my work?
What are your preferences for your care when I must be away?
Do you like to travel or to ride in the car?

In the transition to death:
Are you suffering?
What are your preferences and how can I make you most comfortable and content?
Do you want a particular treatment or procedure?
What is your preference for care?
Do you want assistance in making the transition of death?
Do you want to be buried or cremated?
Do you have a preference for whether I keep your ashes or disperse them in nature?
Do you have a request as to where you would like your ashes dispersed?

Conversations after death. Yes! They are always available to us! The bonds of love are unbreakable:
Do you know that I love you?
Are you still around?
How was your transition?
Did I let you down in some way during our time together?
Will you forgive me?
Is there anything I can do for you?
Will you ever return to be with me?
Do you have any suggestions for me for my life?

For competitive and service animals:
Do you like what we are doing?
Do you share my dreams and goals for these particular activities and events?
Is there something you would rather do, or is there a way of working with you that would have you really love what we are doing and cooperating as a great partner or teammate?

For rescued pets:
Where did you come from?
What was your life like before?
Did you suffer abuse or neglect in some way?
What makes you afraid?
Why do you behave the way you do?
Are you as afraid as you seem?

With Telepathic Animal Communication it is possible to ask your pet these questions and many more! Our clients love their pets and want to provide everything possible for their happiness and wellbeing. Having a conversation with your pet to hear what they would love to say is one of the most wonderful things you can do for them! We hold Animal Communication Consultations as sacred opportunities for our human clients and their beloved animal companions. We feel so grateful and inspired to be of service in this way and to witness the incredible love between our human clients and their beloved animal companions. Thank you!

Quarter hour appointment via teleconference: $75.


Half hour appointment via teleconference: $165.


One hour appointment via teleconference: $320.


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Portland, Oregon, U.S.A.


Call or Text U.S.A. 503-750-9887

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Make space within yourself to empower others.
– Mother Earth

Animal and Nature Connect is committed to helping communities worldwide talk with wildlife and nature around them while teaching humans to develop their telepathic ability.