the Elephant and children’s stories

An adventure trilogy that is an ongoing collaboration between elephants and humans. Led by Animal and Nature Connect, these stories highlight the United Nations sustainability goals.

In fall 2020 wild and captive elephants from around the world communicated to participants in Dr. Maia Kincaid’s Nature Communication For Global Transformation Class and Dr. Lisinka Ulatowska’s United Nations Common Cluster Strategy Meeting for the All Win Network. The elephants, a keystone species encouraged us to write a children’s adventure trilogy introducing children to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals based on the Adult Trilogy, Transforming Our World In Harmony With Nature.

To participate or learn more about the project visit Nature Communication for Global Transformation.

These books are currently available in English, German, Nepalese, and Sinhala, and will soon be available in French, Italian, Catalan, and Spanish.

If your native language is not listed, and you are interested in donating your time to translate this book so that it is more accessible, please email Annette Hadaway at


English Summary

German Summary

Sinhala Summary

Nepalese Summary


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The Elephant and Children’s Land Story

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The Elephant and Children’s Land Story

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Coming Soon!


Annette Hadaway travels the world teaching animal and nature communication. One of Annette’s passions is communicating with wildlife and teaching in areas where humans lack wi-fi/computers. As a youth of Oregon in the United States, Annette’s grandparents encouraged nature adventure. With easy access to the natural world, solo hiking, leading hikes for others along with solo travel led Annette to visit Nepal where she was awakened to the plight of the captive elephant and ultimately, animal and nature communication.

Patricia Brown taught writing, literature, and public speaking at the high school and university level for twenty five years and holds a lifetime Community College credential. In 1971, Patricia began her teaching career by teaching English 101,102,28, and Business English at Pierce Community College, where she continued to teach, part-time, until 1994. In 1994, Patricia enlisted in the Peace Corps and was trained in TEFL. Returning from Europe, I also returned to Crespi Carmelite High School to serve as the Mentor Teacher, guiding teachers in lesson plans and classroom management, from 1997 to 2013.

Idris van Heffen is a purpose driven illustrator and art director hailing from the Netherlands. Simple lines, shapes and colours are a signature of his work, where he balances heavy topics with lighthearted visuals. He has taught illustration at the Art Academy of Rotterdam and has worked with an impressive list of international clients such as CitizenM, Expat Valley and South Pole.

Christina Kimoni studied graphic design and has been setting up books and working on many other design projects for twenty plus years until she discovered the world of communicating with animals and nature which has given her such a thrill and has amplified her life tenfold. This trilogy of books combines both these aspects of her life and has brought her to this point to be collaborating with like-minded individuals who share this love with her. She lives in a beautiful pine forest in the mountains of the island of Cyprus with her partner, their three dogs, an array of birds, lizards, and a fox she chatted to a few months back and is now trying to befriend her and the whole family. She is now working up the courage to take on communicating with animals and nature professionally. She has experienced that when she is in communication with them her life is so much more enriched than she could have ever imagined.