Friend The Dog During Tihar 2021

When arriving October 16, 2021 in Kathmandu Nepal, my hosts shared one of their canine companions recently passed away and another dog in the family was not feeling well. 

When walking the residential neighborhood I have been staying in Kathmandu since coming to Nepal in 2014 I noticed the street dog population had diminished from dozens to only a few dogs.

It wasn’t until Friend, a dog I know in Sauraha Nepal reached out to me did I start to be curious. The evening of October 17th when in Kathmandu, Friend the dog reached out to me sharing he wasn’t feeling well. When I arrived in Sauraha on the 18th I learned from one of Friends human caretakers that he had not been acting his normal self. I also learned  from Friends caretaker, a local woman who cares for the street dogs in Sauraha, that one of her dogs had just transitioned. With all of these incidents coming to my attention I was curious if there was a correlation. 

Tuesdays I meet with three animal and nature communicators who I have been meeting with weekly for the last two years. We talked with Friend asking him if there was a correlation in these happenings. All four of us heard the same communication from Friend.

Friend shared with us that there is a correlation with all of these dogs and to watch for the trend in canines moving forward. The trend has not started to get noticed yet by large numbers of humans but that people will start to notice here in Nepal and in other parts of the world.

Friend shared there is a combination of causes compounded together and that it is hitting the canine population hard but it will start to be noticeable in other species, even humans. The causes are environmental, parasitic, nutrition, inflammation. 

I asked Friend what he physically felt like, he replied, “Feels like a spare tire waiting me down, I feel lethargic, gassy, it’s from water.”

Friends message to us was to share this message with other humans and to be mindful of waste.

We also talked with a elephant I know asking her if there was any correlation to her illness. When I arrived in Sauraha human friends told me she had been very sick. The elephant said she had a different type of parasite but that the correlation is the same and that climate change-waste-trash-sanitation-chemicals-plastics are affecting the water and the soil in Sauraha and all over the world and that we need to watch our neighborhoods, villages, and cities for waste and help to clean up. 

The elephant shared that animals would benefit from antiparasitics and would like to bring to the attention of her community that the animals here in Sauraha, would benefit from additional antiparasitics. She asked, “If humans can get them, why can’t we?” She also shared that inflammation is key and that she and in fact we humans would benefit from more fruit enzymes, lots more fruit enzymes. The elephant would like this information to be widely shared.

Nepalese and Sinhala translations to follow.

Hiking with Friend, Pepsi, and Another Community Dog In 2020 – Pepsi Transitioned December 2021