Street Calf Kathmandu

May 5, 2022, when walking in an area of Kathmandu known as the Kalamati I came upon a street calf.

When I first saw the calf he was licking the photos of the food you see on the sign behind him in this video.

Talking to the calf in the moment I heard he had acceptance of living on the street although he would love to be in a natural location. He told me nothing is permanent and he was enjoying the energy of the city.

After watching the calf for a while I reached out my hand. After licking my hand with plenty of kisses the calf allowed me to stroke and pet him – He loved ear scratches.

After my encounter with the calf, I reached out to two of my animal communicator colleagues curious to know what the street calf would tell them. Ramya Rao and Anita Vallala live in India – Here is their communication with the street calf.

Ramya Rao of Ubuntu World Of Communication

May 6, 2022 – Hello Calf: Surprised I said hello. Easy. Calm. Loving. Sweet.

How are you? Ok. Miss the company of other cows. Feel lonely. I like to graze. Need sunlight. I find some food, but fresh water is a challenge.

What were you doing in the place Annette saw you? I was at the store hoping to find some curd or malai/cream.

What is it like for you to live on the street in Kathmandu? It’s fine. I do like the buzz around me. Keeps me busy, I keep checking things out. But I would like to stay with other cows. I come in search of some company. So I stay on the streets. Also, I do find food that people throw away or give too.

Are you sad or angry or scared living this way? What is there to be angry or sad? This has been my life. I don’t question. I just live it. Would I want to be with other cows? Yes. But this is also ok.

What would you love humans to know? I could also be a good pet like a dog. Even if I don’t have milk to give you, I can be a good companion. Humans need to learn to love and accept even if there is no particular gain from us. We are also sentient beings. Don’t discard us if you can’t gain anything from us. But then I am asking for too much, cause everyone is just busy, busy, and has no time to connect and be in sync. Spend time in nature to know the true meaning of life.

Anita Vallala of Embracing Miracles

Conversation with the Calf, May 6, 2022 – The calf came across as social and approachable. The calf likes to have more interactions with people and more engagement. Feels lonely and would love company.

When asked about daily life. I want to have my place amongst people. I don’t like wandering too much. The green pastures have dried up so I am unable to have a good graze. Finding food and water is at times a task. Mostly I am looking for some shade and lots of love. I came here to this place as I got the fragrance of sweets and some tea. I thought I will get to eat something (That’s when you saw the calf, Annette.)

Do you have a family? Not near me.

Are you away from your family? I am away from them.

Where is your mother? Not around right now.

Will you meet her soon? I think I will.

How would you like your life to be? I wish I had a home where I can be a part of a family. I want to be around good people and more cows. Otherwise, being alone on the streets of Kathmandu is exasperating. Not complaining but I am sure in this life I will find some interesting stories, interesting people and interesting experiences. Hopefully some food as well.

Any message for humans? It would be nice if people remember our virtues. People are too busy and we are looked upon as just a commodity. People realize that we are reducing in numbers only when they don’t see us when they need us. They come to find us only when they have to. Don’t look for relationships that are need-based. Look for more depth in relationships. We all are resources if we actually go to see, even you humans are a resource. But if you were treated like that how would you feel?

*Note from Annette: There are many cows currently living on the streets in Nepal. Here is a blog post from February 2019 about a street cow in Kathmandu – THE COW THAT RESCUED THE DOG – एउटा गाई जोस्ले कुकुरलाई बचायो

Nepalese and Sinhala Translations Coming Soon